Angling In Uttarakhand Uttarakhand state is enriched with rivers of about length 2686 kms which provide a wide range of angling options in terms of destinations spanning throughout the state for sport fisheries. The rivers of Uttarakhand are rich in mahaseer & trout fishery. For creating angling spots, the rivers of Uttarakhand are divided into beats which are provided on lease to local SHGs, WHGs, YHGs, etc for carrying out angling activities by issuing angling permits for national & international tourists. The beats identified under Mahaseer and Trout Zones, and thus angling permits rates prescribed by Uttarakhand govt. are as follows –


 Description Angling Rates (Per permit)  
   Mahaseer Zone  Trout Zone
 National Tourist  Rs.75/-  Rs.100/-
 International Tourist  Rs.150/-  Rs. 200/-
Local People (For employment)  Rs.20/-  Rs.20/-


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Apart from rivers, angling permits are also issued by Department in the Bhimtal, Sattal & Nauchikyatal lake situated at district Nainital. These lakes are rich in mahaseer fishery.